AWS Classroom Series – 19/Feb/2021

Storage Migrations

  • Scenario: Our organization has 100 TB of data to be migrated to the cloud. The internet speed is 10 MBPS for the organization
    • To migrate this data it will take 2 years, which is not acceptable Preview
  • AWS has snow family which helps in migrating the data offline.
    • AWS will send a Snow ball device to your organization, where you can upload the data into the device and amazon will ship that device to AWS Region and import the data into your S3.
    • Refer Here to understand snowball devices
  • If you have large scale data to be migrated then we can use snowmobile Refer Here
  • AWS Storage Gateway offers a connectivity of on-premise software appliance with cloud based storage.
  • AWS Storage Gateway offers
    • File Gateway
    • Volume Gateway
    • Tape Gateway
  • Refer Here for the Gateway documentation
  • Refer Here for architectural implementations
  • AWS Storage gateway also supports hardware appliance which will be in your on-premise and syncs the data into AWS S3 Refer Here

AWS Backup

  • This is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate backing up of data across AWS Services. Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Using AWS Backup Service we can take the backup of the following services Preview
  • Using AWS Backup service we can create
    • Cross region Backups
    • Cross Account Backups
  • Refer Here for the official documentation of AWS Backup service

AWS Code Commit Exercise

  • Create a private code commit repository and move the spring petclinic code into it Preview Preview

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