DevOps Classroom Series – 24/Sept/2020

Maven Project Basics

  • Lets create the folder structure
  • Maven Directories & Their purpose
    • src/main/java: This folder will contain the java code. Generally you would see reverse domain named folders and then code
    • src/test/java: This folder will consist of unit testing code
    • src/main/resources
    • src/main/config
    • src/test/resources
    • src/main/webapp
    • src/main/scripts
    • src/site
  • When maven goals are executed we would see some generated directories target/* Preview
  • Clone the code from Here and execute mvn package Preview
  • The jar/war form most of the java packaging types and this will have a naming pattern of
  • Lets assume we are going to use spring boot dependency Preview

  • Now lets execute mvn compile

  • Goals & Lifecycle phases:

    • validate
    • clean
    • compile
    • test
    • package
    • install: will Copy the artifacts and pom file into local repository
    • deploy: will copy the artifacts and the pom file into remote repository
  • To Create basic skeletons we have archetypes. To create a sample webapp

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-webapp

Next Steps

  • Lets Start using ci/cd engine Jenkins

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