Windows Classroom Series – 23/Sept/2020

What this course is

  • This course enables you to automate deployments on Windows Servers
  • Using From Powershell Terminal

What this course is not about is

  • Windows Server Administration
  • Windows Desktop Administration
  • Understanding GUI


  • Powershell
    1. Terminal Which is shipped along with windows
    2. Powershell is made available to mac & Linux OS via Powershell Core
  • Any shell will have commands, Powershell commands come in different flavors
    • Cmdlets:
      1. Built-in commands provided by microsoft are cmdlets.
    • Functions
      1. Commands written in powershell for reusability.
    • Aliases
    • External Scripts
  • Powershell Command Scheme Verb-Noun. Most commonly available verbs are Get, Set, Update, Remove etc… Some of the popular nouns Process, Services etc
  • Cmdlets take parameters
  • Lets Experiment today
Get-Command -Verb Get
Get-Command -Verb Get -Noun Process
Get-Command -Noun Process

  • Lets Find Command lets to Start a Process (notepad)
Noun = Process

Lab Environment

  1. Windows 10 Laptop or VM
  2. Visual Studio Code (For Developing Powershell Scripts)
  3. One Cloud Account (Free Cloud Account)

Basic Powershell Concepts

  • Variable:
    • variables are prefixed with $ symbol

    • Two types of variables

      • User Defined Variables
      • Automatic Variables:
        • To view all the variables Get-Variable
    • $null

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