Azure Classroomnotes 17/Aug/2022

Identity in Azure


  • Service Principal: This is a system/application/user trying for access
  • Authentication and Authorization:
    • Authentication is a process of verifying identity and letting in.
    • Authorization is a process of allowing/denying the access of the prinicpal based on the roles/policies.

Azure Account, Subscription and Tenant

  • Azure Account is collection of subscriptions
  • Tenant in Azure is Azure Active Directory which can be linked to multiple subscriptions.
  • A Subscription can be linked to only one tenant id.
  • All the user, groups, policies i.e. authentication and authorization is handled by tenant.
  • Overview of Personal Account
  • When we create an Azure Account, a tenant with unique tenant id is created and primary domain name
  • All the users which you create will be having id username@primarydomainname
  • Organizations might be using Azure Management groups for reusing policies across subscriptions

What is Azure Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory is Identity as a Service
  • I Can use this to
    • Create users in Azure and apply authentication policy
    • As a identity provider for my application.

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