Azure Classroomnotes 22/Apr/2022

How Azure Works

  • Overview

Azure VM Billing

  • Azure Will Charge for the
    • VM if the physical server has the resources attached to it. i.e. if you deallocate the vm (freeing server resources) then no charges for vm
    • If your perform os shutdown from the vm, resources will not be deallocated so you will be still paying the hourly charges.
    • A disk also gets attached to the virtual machine. In Azure you have two types of disks
      • disks: They get allocated from a different physical host in the same datacenter. For this charges will continue until you delete the disk
      • tempdisk: They get allocated from the same phyiscal host where the vm is allocated (for this no charges)
  • Azure Power States and billing Refer Here


  • Create a Azure VM of Size
    • B1S (Free trail expired) in the east us location.
    • Any size in any location (Free trail)
  • Choose the operating system to be Windows 2016 server
  • Make a note of number of data disks and size of temp disk
  • Login into the vm and verify the sizes of the disks and connectivity
  • Then repeat the same activity with RedHat Linux 8

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