AWS Classroomnotes 21/Apr/2022

EC2 contd….

  • AWS Instance Types:
  • Each server depending on its needs have different resource needs
  • AWS categorizes the instance sizes based on Types
    • General Purpose:
      • Balanced CPU to Memory Ratio
    • Compute Optimized:
      • High CPU to Memory Ratio
    • Memory Optimized
      • High Memory to CPU Ratio
    • Storage Optimized
      • Optimized for High disk speeds
    • Accelarated Computing
      • For High Performance Compute and GPU kinds of servers
  • Exercise:
    • Find me a suitable ec2 instance size for running a web site which approximately has 32 vCPUs since the number of users are more
    • Find me a suitable cache Server where the size of the Cache is 24 GB
    • I also want monthly bills for each of this server

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