Azure Classroom Series – 28/Jul/2020

Azure Identity 101

  • Basic Workflow

    • Single User/Private Group:
      1. User will create an account in azure
      2. when ever an account is create, a default azure active directory is created (tenant). The user credentials will be added to azure ad with super user access
      3. Inside this account, subscriptions can be created.
      4. When James creates a free account, he gets a free subscription (200$ of credit)
      5. After 1 month he would asked by azure to create one more subscription (Pay as you go)
      6. The default azure active directory (AAD) will be acting as identity providing authentication & authorization. Preview
    • Organizational Workflow:
      1. DirectDevops Organization wants to use azure
      2. This operation will be approved by Mark & Rachel creates an Azure Account
      3. Now Rachel/her team have to sync users (One-way/two-way) from on-premise (Active Directory) to Azure (AAD)
      4. Now Rachel creates a subscription as per organizational needs Preview
  • Terms:

    1. Account
    2. Subscription
    3. Azure Active Directory/Tenant
    4. Resource Groups
    5. Resources

Azure AD Features

  1. Application Management: Manage your cloud & on-premise app using Single-sigon, You can enable OAUTH 2.O based identities
  2. Authentication: We can enable self-service password reset, Multi-factor authentication
  3. Business-to-Business (B2B)
  4. Business-to-Customer (B2C)
  5. Device Management
  6. Domain Services
  7. Reporting and Monitoring
  8. Others will be disclosed after few sessions on AAD.

Azure Free Tier Account Creation

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