AWS Classroom Series – 21/Apr/2020

Placement Groups

  • Amazon provides a way of choosing physical servers by providing a flexibility while ec2 machines are under creation, This is clled as Placement Group.
  • There are three popular strategies with in AZ
    • Cluster:
      • Used for HPC (High Performance Compute)
      • Enables low latency network performance for node-node communications Preview
    • Spread:
      • Used to be tolerant towards related hardware failures
      • For Smaller Deployments Preview
    • Partition:
      • Creating Partition Groups and launching machines Preview


  • Consider a Medical Record System (MRS) which has the following architecture Preview
  • This MRS has to run in all the states in us in QT-Chain of hospitals
  • How do deploy this application on AWS
  • We have decided to deploy the application in two regions (oregon) and ohio
  • Now how to deploy this application
    • Application:
      • Our deployment strategy is to create an ASG with Application AMI
      • This autoscaling group is linked with load balancer
      • Load balancer, Autoscaling group, AMI are region specific
    • Database:
      • Databases have to be in sync
  • My Solution is as shown below Preview
  • If you want to realize this use mrs software from here

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