AWS Classroom Series – 09/Oct/2020

AWS Elastic Beanstalk contd..

  • Worker Environment tier:
    • Worker environment tier architecture Preview
    • They are designed to run time cosuming background server applications or schedule tasks.
    • Simple Queue Service

Simple Queue Service (SQS)

  • Before we look at SQS lets try to understand Message Queues Refer Here
  • In Reliable Communications Message delivery is guaranteed with some time limit . Preview
  • Amazon offers message queue as a serivice by Simple Queue Service Preview
  • Amazon SQS offers
    • Redundant infrastructure
    • Multiple Producers and Consumer
    • Queue wise configurable settings
    • Variable message sizes
    • Queue Access control
    • Delay queue
    • Payment Card Industry (PCI) complaince and HIPAA complaint
  • AWS SQS supports two types of queues
    • Standard Queue
      • Avaliability: In all regions
      • Throughput: It supports an unlimited number of TPS (Transactions per second)
      • Order: Generally sends the data in same order as received, however in certain occasions it can change
    • FIFO queue
      • Avaliability: N.Virginial, Ohio, Oregon and Ireland regions
      • Throughput: Limited Throughput of 300 messages per second. If batching it can support upto 3000 messages per second
      • Order: FIFO
  • Operations in a queue
    • Creating a queue: Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview


  • Aws services can be accessed using

    • Console
    • CLI
    • SDK
  • AWS supports SDKS in the following languages Refer Here

    • C++
    • GO
    • Python
    • PHP
    • Ruby
    • Java
    • .net
  • In this series we will be looking at using AWS SDK from python. AWS SDK for python is called as Boto 3

  • For The API Reference of Boto3 Refer Here

  • Refer Here for the sample written in the classroom.

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