AWS Classroomnotes 20/May/2022

AWS Databases contd

  • Single Region: Single Database with Read Replica
  • Multi Region: Single Database with Read Replica in other region
  • Multi-AZ RDS deployment
  • Multi AZ generally as a Master instance and one or more standby instances
  • Multi AZ is generally preferred for production environments
  • Create the multiaz db instance as discussed in the class (not free tier eligible)
  • Lets create an estimate of pricing Refer Here
  • Single AZ
  • Multi AZ
  • Reservations: We give a long term commitment to AWS (1 year or 3 years)
    • Payment options are monthly, partial upfront, full upfront (highesht discount)
    • Production databases are generally reserved to save costs
  • Next Steps:
    • Understanding Backups
    • Understanding subnet groups, parameter groups etc
    • Understanding Aurora.

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