Azure Classroom Series – 07/Nov/19

Azure VM Types, Sizes and Generations

  • Azure VMS are categorize into series. Each Series is a different hardware specification
  • Series are combined to Form a type
  • Available types
    • General Purpose
    • Computed Optimized
    • Memory Optimized
    • Storage Optimized
    • GPU Optimized
    • High Performance Compute
  • Reference
  • Naming Conventions of VM Size "<Alphabet: Series><number: size> <s: premium disk support><V<int>:Generation>"

Azure VM Image Creation

Important things to understand

  • While creating a VM, we provide username & password.
  • We create image from running vm.
  • We remove user info
  • deallocate vm
  • Then create vm Image.
  • In Azure, if you would to create VM Image, Azure VM becomes unusable.
  • Azure Recommends Automation using packer

How to create VM Image

Create a Linux VM Image Exercise

  • Create a ubuntu 18 VM
  • ssh into the machine and execute the following commands
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2 -y
  • Now Take a vm image and using vm image create a new vm and check if apache is present or not.

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