Azure Classroomnotes 01/Sep/2022

Windows Active Directory

  • Windows Active Directory is implementation of LDAP from Microsoft.
  • It is installed on the Windows Servers.
  • The system that stores the User, Computer and Group information is called as Domain Controller.
  • Lets install Domain Controller and add some users
    • Create a windows server 2016
    • For the next steps (Configuring Domain Controller), Refer classroom video
  • As discussed in the class we have created a
    • Security => Group (Avengers)
    • Added 2 users => ironman and thor
  • Goal: I should be able to login into azure account with the above user credentials
    • To acheive the above goal, Azure AD Connect Helps Refer Here
    • Features of Azure AD Connect Refer Here
    • Refer Here for Azure Active Directory (AAD) plans

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