AWS Classroom Series – 31/Mar/2021


  • Setting up AWS VPN Preview
  • To setup a vpn connection b/w your organization and aws vpc we create a vpn gateway in AWS VPC and connect it to the customer gateway.
  • When we do this a vpn connection tunnel will be created
  • Ensure you have a vpc
  • To create a virtual private gateway Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Customer Gateway represents your organizations on-premises vpn device and it requires a public ip Preview Preview
  • Once the customer gateway and vpc gateway are configured now create a site to site vpn connection Preview Preview Preview
  • Once the vpn connection is created go to the route table and forward the traffic for cidr range to virtual private gateway Preview
  • If your organization has multiple branches and if it needs to establish vpn connections to AWS VPC then we use vpn cloud hub Refer Here for the official docs Preview Preview
  • Point to Site Preview Preview

Next Steps

  • Direct Connect
  • VPC Endpoints
  • Private link
  • DNS (Route53)
  • Loadbalancers

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