AWS Classroom Series – 29/Nov/2019


  • Create a script to create

    • AWS S3 bucket
    • Create a folder in s3 bucket
    • Sync any folder on your laptop to aws s3 bucket folder
  • Create a script to sync s3 bucket to local folder

  • use s3 api cli to list all the buckets

  • use s3 api cli to list all the objects in a bucket


  • All the contents of S3 bucket can be replicated to any other s3 bucket.
  • Other Bucket can be from same account or different account Preview

Storage Classes

  • Standard
  • Reduced Redundancy
  • Infrequent Access
  • Intelligent Tiering
  • Glacier

LifeCycle for changing storage classes automatically

  • Change storage classes for cost & space optimization Preview


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