Azure Classroom Series – 07/Jan/2020

Evolution of Functions as a Service

  • Traditional:

    • All of the application packaged/deployed into one server
    • Complete functionality is written by dev teams, they might use some libraries(sdk)
  • Backend As a Service (BAAS):

    • In Traditional Applications, Almost all need
      • Authentication & Authorization
      • Database Services
      • Storage Services
      • Notification Services
    • Backend as a Service offers below services readily to your application, so the developers focus on core business logics rather than obvious/necessary/supporting Functionalities
      • Authentication & Authorization
      • Database Services
      • Storage Services
      • Notifications Services
    • Refer Here
  • Function As a Service (Function As A Service):

    • Traditionally the evolution of architectures for Applications
      • Monolith => Micro Services => Functions
    • Refer Here


  • Serverless technology doesn’t mean there are no servers, but rather it will have servers on which your functions run.
  • Logically => Servers are created internally by the service provider and your functions will be executed there only when the functions are called. Server handling is completely done by Service Provider.
  • Charges for this will be only for the duration when the function is executed.
  • Serverless is implemented by many vendors
    • AWS => Lambda
    • Azure => Azure Functions

Scenarios With Azure Functions

  • Whenever VM cpu utilization > 70% for 10 minutes of time raise an IT Ticket with medium priority
    • Alert Manager => Azure Function
  • Whenever a JIRA/Service Now Ticket is created to restart a VM
  • Build Financial Calculators like home loan, personal loan etc

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