AWS Classoom Series – 11/Mar/2021

AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

  • ACM handles the complexity of creating, storing and renewing public and private SSL/TLS X.509 certificates and keys that protect your websites and applications
  • We can provide certificates for AWS Services by issuing them from ACM or by importing third party certificates
  • ACM can secure singular domain names, multiple specific domain names or combinations.
  • Refer Here for pricing
  • Setting up AWS and IAM for ACM Refer Here
  • Register Domain Name Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the lamp installation and Refer Here for configuring ssl certificates
  • Refer Here for the Windows Server and Refer Here for configuring ssl certificate
  • Requesting for public certificate Refer Here and for private certificate Refer Here and for renewals Refer Here


  • Your organization is developing an web application, so it needs to provide authentication and authorization. For every application that your organization develops, it needs to handle the authentication and authorization module.
  • In all the latest mobile and web apps we are offered an option to sign in with facebook, amazon, google, microsoft or Apple id’s.
  • To acheive this amazon offers Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito

  • Amazon Cognito provides authentication, authorization and user management for web and mobile apps where users can sign in directly through a third party such as Facebook, Google, Amazon or Apple
  • To acheive this there are two main components
    • Amazon Cognito User pools:
      • These are user directories that provide sign up and sign in option for your app users
    • Amazon Cognito Identity Pools
      • They enable you to grant your user access to other AWS services
  • Basic interaction Preview
  • Using AWS Cognito Console Preview Preview
  • Creating a User pool Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Refer Here to integrate your app with cognito

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