Azure Classroom Series – 11/Mar/2021

Azure Key Vault

  • Azure Key value is secure, cloud based storage solution for keys, secrets, and certificates.

  • Tokens, passwords, certificates, API Keys and other keys can be securely stored and access to them can be granually controlled using Azure Key Vault

  • Azure Key Vault solves the following problems

    • Secrets Management
    • Key Management
    • Certificate Management
  • Terminology

    • Tenant: A tenant is an organization that wons and manages the specific instance of Microsoft Cloud Services
    • Vault Owner: A vault owner can create a key vault and gain full control over it.
    • Vault Consumer: A Vault consumer can perform actions on the assests inside the key vault when the vault owner grants access.
  • Basic Workflow: Preview

  • Lets create a Key Vault Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Lets Generate Keys Preview Preview Preview

  • Lets Generate Secrets Preview Preview Preview

  • Refer Here for accessing key vault from .net

  • Refer Here for accessing the key vault from python.

  • To understand the examples, we need to explore Azure SDK

  • Lets install Azure SDK for Python

Azure SDK for python

  • Ensure python3 is installed
  • Create a virtual environment Refer Here
  • Refer Here
  • Ensure you have the required components installed Refer Here
  • Login into azure using azure cli Refer Here
  • Now try to configure authentication Refer Here
  • For writing code that uses azure sdk, we would be using the azure sdk reference Refer Here

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