Scripting Classroomnotes 29/Oct/2022


  • Any scripting is sequence of instructions.
  • In Linux instruction is a command & in Powershell the instruction is also command but called as Cmd-Let
  • Scripts are created for two possible ways of execution
    • interactive scripts:
      • to simplify the execution of complex problems/installations/configurations
    • non-interactive scripts:
      • to automate certain activity.
  • Lets try to setup dev environment for shell and powershell scripts.

Developer Environment

  • Windows
    • Ensure Visual studio code is installed
    • Ensure Git Bash is installed
  • Mac:

    • Ensure Visual Studio code is installed.
  • Shell script has an extension of .sh
  • Powershell scripts have an extension of .ps1
  • Ensure Powershell extension is installed.
  • Ensure bashdebug is installed
  • To run the scripts:
    • ps1: run them from powershell
      • cd in to the folder
      • execute .\<filename>.ps1
    • sh: run the gitbash or mac terminal
      • cd in to the folder
      • execute bash ./<filename>.sh


  • IDE based Debugging:
    • Breakpoint: The line or instruction where the control is handed over to us.
    • Step Over: Execute the current instruction or line.
    • Powershell: Debugging is possible by installing Powershell extension
    • Shell Scripting: We need to do little more work to get the things in place.

Exit Codes in Linux

  • Every Linux command returns a code
    • Zero: Command exectuion is success
    • Non-Zero: Command execution is failed
  • To find the last return code use the following expression $?
  • Refer Here for the bash cheatsheet.

Combining multiple Linux commands in one line

  • Commands can be combined by using semi-colon ; and ampersand &&
    • ;: All the commands will be executed irrespective of errors
    • &&: All the commands will be executed if there are no errors. From the moment a command returns an error code the subsequent commands will not be executed


  • PS script
echo hello
echo 1
echo 2
  • shell script
echo hello
echo 1
echo 2
  • python script

def printargs(a,b):
    print(f"values passed are {a}, {b}")

def add(a, b):
    return a+b

if __name__ == '__main__':
    result = add(3, 5)
    result = add(5, 8)

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