Azure Classroom Series – 29/May/2021

Data Protection in Azure Storage Accounts

  • Azure Storage account provides data protection for Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 to help us to prepare for scenarios where we need to recover the data that has been deleted or overwritten

Apply an Azure Resource Manager lock to a storage account

  • There are two types of Azure Resource Manager Locks
    • CannotDelete Lock: prevents users from deleting a storage account
    • ReadOnly Lock: Prevents users from deleting a storage account or modifying its configuration
  • To apply a resource manager lock
    • Navigate to Storage Account => Settings => Locks Preview Preview

Enable and manage soft delete for containers

  • To Enable Soft delete. Navigate to storage account => Data Management => Data Protection Preview
  • Once the soft delete is enable for containers and blobs for a particular period of time, we can restore the deleted blobs or containers
    • Enable Show the deleted blobs/containers
    • Right click on the deleted blob/container and undelete

Saving the State of blob at regular intervals

  • We can enable blob storage versioning to automatically maintain previous versions of blob when it is modified or deleted.

  • Navigate to Storage Account => Data Management => Data Protection Preview

  • Once the versioning is enabled upload the different versions of same file Preview

Point-in-time restore for block blobs

  • Enable Point-in-time restore from the Data Protection
  • Once enabled then we can restore the containers Preview

Manually Saving the State of the Blob

  • A snapshot is the read only version of blob that is taken at point in time Preview

Recovering a Deleted Storage Account

  • A deleted storage account may be recovered in some cases from within Azure.
  • To recover a storage account, the following conditions must be true
    • The storage account was deleted with in past 14 days
    • The storage account was created with Azure Resource Manager deployment model
    • A new storage account with same name has not been created since the original account was deleted
  • To recover a deleted storage account
    • Navigate to the overview page of existing storage account and Navigate to Support + troubleshooting section, select Recover deleted account Preview Preview


  • Create a Storage account and
    • ensure the storage account cannot be deleted
    • Ensure whenever I overwrite the blobs I don’t loose the earlier blobs
    • Enable point-in time restore

Enabling Geo-replication of Storage Account

  • Navigate to Data Management => Geo-replication Preview
  • Ensure object replication rules and filters are configured correctly

Next Steps:

  1. Life Cycle Management
  2. Hosting Static Website
  3. Authorization & Security in Azure Storage Account
  4. CLI, PowerShell for Azure Storage Accounts
  5. Files, Queues, Tables

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