AWS Classroom Series – 29/May/2021

Managing storage lifecycle

  • To manage objects so that they are stored cost effectively, we use lifecycle
  • An S3 lifecycle configuration is a set of rule that define actions that applies to group of objects
    • Transition action:

      • defines when the objects transition to from one storage class to other
      • There are costs associated with the lifecycle transition requests
      • Supported transitions Preview
    • Expiration action: Define when the object expires

  • Lets create a life cycle configuration Preview Preview Preview

Replicating Objects

  • Replication enables automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across S3 buckets.

  • Buckets that are configured for object replicated

    • can be owned by same AWS account or different
    • Can be replicated into different AWS regions.
    • Can be replicated to one S3 bucket or multiple S3
  • To enable object replication, we need to provide the following details

    • The destination bucket(s)
    • AWS IAM role that Amazon s3 can assume to replicate objects on your behalf
  • Setting up replication Preview

Using S3 Versioning

  • Versioning in S3 means keeping multiple variants of the objects in the same bucket Preview Preview Preview


  • Create an s3 bucket
    • Add a folder called as images
    • upload 10 images
  • Find the storage class of any image
  • Add one more folder called as docs
    • upload a file called as Readme.txt
    • Enable Versioning for the bucket
  • Upload two more versions and verify the presence of versions
  • Create a life cycle rule to
    • move all the objects older than 60 days to Standard-IA


aws configure
# region : us-west-2
  • Verify the access
aws s3 ls
  • AWS CLI commands
aws <service> <action> <--parameter1 value1>...<--parametern valuen>


  1. S3URI: The format for s3 bucket and object naming
  1. Commands
    • ls => listing
    • cp => copying
    • mb => create bucket
    • mv => moving the objects
    • rb => removing bucket
    • rm => removing the objects
  2. Listing buckets and its contents Preview Preview
  3. Listing s3 buckets folder contents Preview

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