Azure Classroom Series – 28/May/2021

Types of Storage Accounts

  • Standard general purpose v2:

    • Supported Storage Services:
      • Blob
      • Queue
      • Table
      • Azure Files
    • Redundancy Options: LRS/GRS/RA GRS / ZRS/GZRS/RA-GRS
    • Usage: Most widely used storage account option
  • Premium block blobs:

    • Supported Storage Services: Blob Storage
    • Redundancy Options: LRS, ZRS
    • Usage: Recommended for scenarios with high transaction rates
  • Premium file shares:

    • Supported Storage Services: Azure Files
    • Redundancy Options: LRS, ZRS
    • Usage: Recommended for enterprise application
  • Premium Page Blob:

    • Supported Storage Services: Page Blob
    • Redundancy Options: LRS
  • Creating premium storage accounts

    • Premium blob storage account: Preview Preview
    • Premium File Share Storage Account
    • Premium Page Blob Storage Account

Storage Account endpoints

  • A Storage accounts provides a unique namespace in Azure for the data which is combination of storage account name and Azure Storage service endpoint forms
Storage Service Endpoint
Blob Storage
Data Lake Storage Gen2
Azure Files
Queue Storage
Table Storage
  • In Azure two storage accounts with same name are not allowed as endpoints collide.

Understand Azure Storage Account Pricing

  • Exercise:
    • Create a price estimate for 100 GB storage in Azure Storage Account and will be accessed by approximately 1000 people
    • Create an estimate with Hot tier and cool tier
    • Create an estimate with standard and premium blob storage.
  • Refer Here for the pricing of azure storage accounts
  • Refer Here to estimate costs using azure storage account

Next Steps:

  1. Data Protection
  2. Redundancy and disaster recovery
  3. Azure File Storage
  4. Demo of Azure Page Blob.

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