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Fifth Area of Git

  • Git stash allows us to store changes which are currently done in working tree and staging area.
  • When developers are asked to fix critical issues and they have local changes, stash helps in storing the chnges and creates an list with index
  • Now we can work on the changes asked commit them and when we want the chagnes stashed to be applied again we have two options
    • apply: items will be added from stash area to working tree, but stash list will still have items
    • pop: items will be added from stash area to working tree and removed from stash list
  • To perform other actions
  • Five areas of git with the terms


  • In Git HEAD is supposed to point at references, Git supports two reference types
    • branch
    • tag
  • The tag is the label given to a specific commit which generally indicates some milestone in project.
  • Generally all the projects try to tag the RELEASES to the customer
  • We can tag locally and push the tags git push <remote-name> <tag-name>
  • Tags are two types
    • lightweight tags: These contain only tag name
    • annotated tags: In this you can additional metadata

Git Hooks

Branching Strategies

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