DevOps Classroomnotes 04/Jan/2023

Ansible Tomcat installation Contd

  • We are suppose to continue from system d unit file creation Refer Here
  • We need to copy tomcat.service file from ansible control node to remote nodes. Refer Here for the module used
  • Refer Here for the changes done
  • Now we need to reload the daemon, enable and start the service
  • Refer Here for the changes done
  • Now access tomcat (Ensure 8080 port is opened in security groups)
  • Lets configure Management interfaces Refer Here for manual steps
  • Refer Here for the changes done to accomodate host manager app configuration
  • Now execute the ansible playbook
  • Access tomcat hostmanager and manager
  • Manager is working
  • Host manager is failing and fixed the issue as xml was incomplete. Refer Here for the changes done

Possible fixes

  • When we execute ansible playbook on the node where everything is installed, changes shouldn’t happen. But as of now there are changes during every execution done by ansible
  • Context xml with same contents is created as two files and two times the copy is handled in two tasks
  • Ansible playbook which we have written works only for ubuntu, we need to extend this to work for other linux distributions.
  • If we need to make this playbook work for future versions of tomcat it will not as we have hardcoded 10.1.4
  • If we want extend this playbook to install any version of java


  • Install lamp stack on ubuntu 20.04 (skip ufw and mysql) Refer Here
  • Rather than virtual hosts file create a file info.php in /var/www/html/info.php

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