AWS Classroom Series – 06/Feb/2020

Cloudformation contd..

  • Route table and Routes Preview

  • Manual Steps: Public rt routes Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Refer Here for the changes

  • Now update the stack by creating a changeset and executing it Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Now lets try to create a security group in the vpc

    • for web subnet to allow 22 port and 80 port to every one Preview Preview
    • for db subnet to allow 3306 port from only vpc (
    • for app subnet to allow communication of port 8080 from only vpc (
  • Execute the changeset Refer Here Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Lets enable hostnames in VPC Preview

  • Create changeset and execute Refer Here for the changes done Preview Preview

  • When we upload the template to the cloud formation, cloudformation stores the template in your s3 bucket Preview Preview

  • Next Steps:

    • We need to create ec2 instances in
      • web subnet
      • app subnet
    • we need to create a mysql rds instance in db subnet
  • Exercise:

    • Try rewriting the whole template by manually executing the steps and using visual studio code and cloud formation documentation.

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