Azure Classroom Series – 06/Feb/2021

Azure Migration contd..

  • Lets install some applications in the guest vm’s
    • ubuntu vm => tomcat
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install tomcat9 -y
    sudo systemctl enable tomcat9
    sudo systemctl start tomcat9
    • centos vm => apache server
    sudo yum install httpd -y
    sudo systemctl enable httpd.service
    sudo systemctl start httpd.service
    sudo systemctl status httpd.service
    • windows vm => iis server

Waiting till 7:45 AM

Azure Migrate

  • This is a central hub to assess & migrate to Azure from on-premises, other clouds
  • Azure migrate offers migrations
    • Physical server to Azure (P2V)
    • Virtual Servers to Azure (V2V)
      • Hyper-V to Azure
      • VMWare ESXI to Azure
      • AWS to Azure
    • Database Migration
    • Data Migration
    • Virtual Desktops
  • Azure Migration from HyperV to Azure: This happens in three phases
    • Discover
    • Assess
    • Migrate
  • Refer Here for official documentation

Discover HyperV VMS With Server Assessment

  • Refer Here for the steps
  • Now prepare Hyper-V hosts and run the script as mentioned in the documentation Refer Here

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