Azure Classroomnotes 31/Jul/2023

Scenario –

  • I have to create 3 types of users
    • Developers
    • QA
    • admin
  • The permission is scoped at subscription level
  • Developers should be able to create, modify but not delete
    • network
    • storage
    • virtual machines
  • QA should be able to view all, but not update
  • admin should be able to do any thing


  • Create 3 groups
    • Developer
    • Admin
    • QA
  • Create a test user to check the access
  • Lets create a json file with permissions. This process is referred as Custom RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • Refer Here for the example
  • Refer Here for the list of builtin roles
  • Lets create a custom rbac from azure portal Refer Here
  • We have create a custom role and then checking this for test user
  • Developer


  • Based on this create admin from portal.

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