DevOps Classroomnotes 12/Jul/2023

How Git Works

  • Current repository changes
  • To understand we will be using plumbing commands
git cat-file -t <commit-id>
git cat-file -p <commit-id>
  • Commit is an SHA-1 hash of
    • parent
    • author
    • message
    • date time
    • contents
  • Git reference objects
    • branch
    • tag
  • What is branch in git?
    • Branch is a reference object which points to some commit id, Branch points to a new commit id when a new commit happens
  • What is tag in git?
    • tag is a reference object which points to some commit id and doesnot move with new commits
  • Lets figure from latest commit on develop branch 3306f46
  • tree in git represents folder/directory and blob/object represents file
  • lets view contents of tree in latest commit

Merging Changes between Branches

  • Consider the following history
  • we need changes from develop branch into master branch
  • now checkout to master and then execute merge
git checkout master
git merge develop
  • When git cannot merge changes due to different content in same lines it will raise conflicts.
  • After fixing conflicts, add the changes and commit them which leads to creation of new commit with two parents
  • This is called as three way merge
  • Consier the following
  • We need to have all the changes in develop branch into master


  • Hashing

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