DevOps Classroomnotes 04/Jul/2023

Story of an Organization LT

  • LT is an organization who is developing an application for health care. Big Hospital chains are their customers
    • Appolo
    • Fortis
    • AIG
  • Architecture of their application
  • To develop this application we have one team per service
  • To test this application we have
    • automated testers
    • manual testers
  • Goals: LT want to implement DevOps Practices
    • Check the code quality and regressions whenever developer commits the code.
    • Manual testers will test all the work done by developers previous day in todays work
    • Code Quality has to be tested by Static Code Analysis tools
    • We need to store the build artifacts of night build in artifact repository


  • Regression: New changes impacting working features and tests to identify this are called as Regression tests
  • API Testing:
  • Rest API
  • unit testing: testing smaller units of code by writing code
  • Day build: Every change submitted by developer during active work hours
    • We do minimal test executions
    • This should finish quickly
  • night build: This build is done to consolidate all the work done by your dev team for the whole day
    • We do execute all the automated tests
    • This might take hours and gives confidence to manual testing team so that they can consider this build
  • Quality Gate: If we fail the build when code quality issues exist this is called as Quality Gate
  • Artifact: Artifact is what build/package generates
  • Repository: This is a storage location which maintains history

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