Azure Classroomnotes 04/Jul/2023

Azure Compute

  • Azure Compute is group of services which are responsible for running applications which have some cpu and RAM allocated to it.
  • Classic Approach of running applications
    • Purchased server
    • installed OS
    • INstalled platform
    • deployed application
  • Cloud Approach:
    • In any cloud we choose configuration (how many cpu’s, RAM size, Disk Size) and Choose OS (Windows/Linux) and we install platform and deploy application (IaaS)
    • If cloud offers directly an option to choose platform this is called as Paas (Platform as a Service)
  • Azure Compute Decision tree


  • Azure
    • Accounts
    • Infrastructure
    • Learning:
      • How to use free account
  • Configure/deploy one application (reference)
  • Virtualization
  • Scaling:
    • Scale out and in
    • Scale up and down
    • Load Balancing
  • Platforms
  • Functions/Serverless
  • High Performance Compute (HPC)

Running Applications on Servers (Options)

  • Application Hosting
    • Single tenant
    • Multi-tenant
  • CoLO (Co-Location)
  • Rack Space



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