DevOps Classroomnotes 02/Feb/2023


  • YAML is a data representation format.
  • YAML is collection of name/value pairs
  • In YAML to represent name/value <name>: <value>
  • For reprsenting value we have to deal with types
  • Scalar/simple types
    • text: <name>: <string-value> or <name>: "<string-value>"
    • number: count: 10
    • boolean: yes/no/True/False isOnline: yes
  • Complex:
    • array/list:
    • map/object
  • Sample Yaml’s
name: Hyderabad
state: Telangana
metropolitan: no
population: 89347892473289
  - Charminar
  - HiTech City
  - Ameerpet
  - Shamshabad

  - name: Hyderabad
    state: Telangana
      - IT
      - Cultural
  - name: Bangalore
    state: Karnataka
      - IT
      - Electronics
  - name: Delhi
    state: Delhi
      - Food
      - Industries
  • Lets try to write a YAML which describes tools and processes used/followed in DevOps
  • Validate YAML using any online validator Refer Here
  • When we use YAML for any of the DevOps tools, the Schema (Structure and type definitions) is defined by the tool and we need to fill the values according to our needs

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