Windows Classroom Series – 01/Oct/2020

Confirm, WhatIf and Force

  • These parameters are used with commands that make changes
Get-Help about_Preference_Variables
  • Lets use Confirm Parameter:
    • Confirm paramater causes a command to prompt before an action is taken Preview
  • Confirm Preference: The variable $ConfirmPreference can have four possible values
    • High (default)
    • Medium
    • Low
    • None Preview
  • Lets Use WhatIf Parmeter. Preview
  • Force Parameter: With this parameter it will overwrite any existing blocks (errors)


  • Get-Help from Powershell Get-Help about_Providers
  • At it simplest Providers present access to data that is normally not easily accesible. We have Providers for
    • filesystem
    • registry
    • Certificate Store
  • Execute the commands as shown below Preview Preview


  • This is way of defining the paramters of a command before usage.
  • Individual Parameters are written in a hashtable(@{}), then to use the paramter @ symbol is used Preview

Modules and Snap-ins

  • Modules and snap-ins are package collection of commands.

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