AWS Classroom Series – 09/Jan/2021

AWS RDS for Private Connectivity

  • Lets create rds in a vpc which is not publically accesible Preview Preview
  • Lets create a windows instance in one subnet and try to access rds over private ip/dns
  • Login into the windows server and to test the connectivity with mysql rds instance, lets launch powershell as admin and
  • Now lets try connecting from this server Preview

SSH Tunneling Connection

  • Consider the below architecture Preview
  • Connecting from on-premise system to mysql rds is not possible directly as rds is private
  • Now if your admins want to login into rds to do some maintenace
    • option 1: Keep one server in AWS VPC dedicated for connecting to mysql
    • option 2: Create a tunneling connection using any public ec2 instance in the same vpc
  • Now lets create an rds with private accesibility Preview
  • Now lets create a linux ec2 instance with public accesiblity in the same vpc Preview Preview

Database Instance Classes and Types

  • This determinse the cpu and memory of AWS RDS instance. Refer Here Preview
  • We have 3 instance classes
    • Standard
    • Memory Optimized
    • Burstable

DB Instance Storage

  • AWS RDS provides three storage types
    • General Purpose SSD (gp2)
    • Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1)
    • Magnetic (standard)
  • In AWS We can create upto 64 TiB of storage for MySQL, Maria db, Oracle and Postgres and 16 TiB of Storage for Microsoft SQL Server.

DB Instance Billing

  • We have two kinds of DB Instances
    • On-Demand db instances:
      • Create and delete db whenever you want
      • Preferred for dev, test environments
      • Cost is high
    • Reservered db instances
      • Giving a commitment to amazon for 1 year or 3 year of db usage
      • Preferred for production environments
      • Cost will be at a discounted price
  • Lets create an estimate of mysql server with 4 vcpu and 16 Gb of RAM with 4 TB of instance storage
    • On-demand: Preview
    • Reserved 1 years no upfront: Preview
    • Reserverd 3 years partial upfront Preview
    • Reserved 3 years all upfront Preview
  • If we observe the RDS cost will also have storage costs
    • disk costs
    • backup costs

Next Step

  1. Which instance class or type should be chosen
  2. Factors that affect storage performance or which storage type should be used.
  3. Read Replications of databases.

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