Azure Classroom Series – 09/Jan/2021

Azure SQL Datbase types (PAAS)

  • Azure SQL Database (PAAS) has three flavors
    • Elastic database pools
    • Single Database
    • Managed Instances
  • Elastic database pool:
    • These are greate solution for managing multiple databases and scaling their performances according the database’s needs.
    • It means its a good fit for databases with unpredicatable usage demands
    • Creating elastic database pool steps: Preview Preview Preview
    • Add the sql server firewall rule. Try connecting to database Preview
    • Now lets add one more database to elastic pool Preview
    • This database will not have extra cost as we are adding to existing pool Preview Preview
  • Single Databases:
    • This is a good fit for a set of databases with predicatable performances, where the required resources of databases are predetermined
  • Managed Instance:
    • Azure SQL does not offer some of the SQL Server Enterprise features
      • CLR Types
      • Extended stored procedures and table partitioning
      • Database Mirroring and failover clustering
      • Master Data services
      • Attaching a database
      • SQL Server agents
      • Resource governer etc
    • Managed is a PAAS offerings which allows you run SQL Server with all the features of Microsoft SQL Server in the Enterprise without needing to manage windows vm.
    • The main use case where this offering is used is
      • when your organization is migrating SQL Server Enterprise to run on AZure with all the SQL Server functionalities
    • Creating SQL Server Managed Instance Preview Preview Preview
  • The next set of actions we will be discussing in the next session where we understand pricing models
    • DTU
    • vCore Based

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