Azure Classroomnotes 06/Apr/2023

Attaching Disks to VMs

  • To attach disk to windows, disk should have the filesystem windows understands (NTFS)
  • If the disk is empty:
    • format the disk with the right file system
  • If the disk has data in it:

    • find out the file system and attach to the windows/linux machine
  • Windows VM:

    • Create a Windows VM
    • Attach an extra disk
  • Linux VM:

    • File Systems: ext4, xfs
    • In linux we mount disks on to directories
    • Lets create a new linux vm
    • To view the disks attached to linux lsblk
    • To view the mounts the command is df -h
    • Lets attach a new disk of size 4 GB
    • lets format the disk and create xfs file system
    • Now create tools folder and mount the new disk on to tools folder
  • Exercise:

    • After mounting shutdown and start the machines login to check if the disks are still attached.
    • Shutdown the vm, Resize the disk. Start the vm and check if you see new size.
    • Shutdown the vm Resize the disk to previous size, check if it allows or not

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