AWS Classroomnotes 05/Apr/2023

Object Storage

  • This is kind of storage where we can store any file and object storage for the user doesnot have any file system. Access to files in the object storage is done over http(s)
  • S3 (Simple Storage Service) is the object storage as a service.

AWS Simple Storage Service (s3)

  • S3 has buckets. Each Bucket can have folders or objects
  • Individual object cannot be greater than 5 TB
  • Lets create an S3 bucket
  • The url is
  • Price involved in S3: AWS charges for using s3 in two dimensions
    • Storage size
    • Access costs
  • To adjust access and storage costs, AWS has access tiers
    • Standard: accesed frequently
      • Access cost is less
      • Storage cost is high
    • Infrequent access:
      • Storage cost is less
      • Access cost is high
    • glacier
      • Storage cost is very low
      • No access costs
  • Now lets understand pricing at high level Refer Here
    • Size: 10 TB
      • Standard:
        • Storage cost ~= 235 $
        • Access 1000 TB ~= 716 $
      • infrequent:
        • Storage cost ~= 128 $
        • Access 1000 TB ~= 10,240.00
      • glacier:
        • Storage cost ~= 12 $
  • Terms

    • Durability: This property defines what is the chance of data not getting corrupted
    • Availability: This property defines how much time in an year (calculated in %) is the data available
  • Amazon defines Durability and Availability on the basis for redundancy

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