Azure Classroom Series – 17/Dec/2020

Azure Storage Account

  • This is microsoft’s cloud storage solution for data storage scenarios.
  • In Azure Storage account we can create storage for
    • Blob Storage: Preview
    • Table Storage: Storing NoSQL Tables
    • Queue Storage: Storing data in Message Queue in Azure Storage Account
    • File Storage: Storing Network File Shares
  • Lets try to understand Account kind Preview Preview
  • General Purpose v1 account gives access to all Azure Storage Services such as
    • blobs
    • tables
    • files
    • queues
  • General Purpose v1 supports both standard and premium tier Preview Preview
  • General Purpose V2 account gives access to all Azure Storage Services as General purpose and it supports an additional feature called as access tier Preview
  • Blob Storage account is dedicated for storing blob, it supports block blobs & append blobs Preview Preview
  • File Storage Account kind is used to only network file shares in Azure (Supported only in premium tier) Preview
  • Block Blob Storage account is used to created only block blobs (Supported only in premium tier)

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