AWS Classroom Series – Storage – 19/Nov/2019

Storage in Enterprise

  • Local Disk Storage:
    • Can be attached to only one server at any given time
    • Which are boot/OS disks


  • Network Storage:
    • Can be attached to multiple machines
    • Is not about a boot disk


  • Object Storage:
    • Storage connected via http protocols

Other Considerations in Storage

  • Backup:
    • Quick Recovery
    • Quick
    • Data loss should be minimal
  • Archive
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Will be slow
  • Hardware Type:
    • Magnetic
    • HDD
    • SSD
  • Speed
  • Size

Storage Solutions by AWS

  • Disks:
    • Instance Store
    • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Network Disks:
    • Elastic File Storage (EFS)
  • Object Storage:
    • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Backups:
    • Snapshots
  • Archival:
    • Glacier
  • MarketPlace:
    • Third party solutions from NetAPP, Pure Storage, EMC2

Virtual Infrastructure in AWS

  • In AWS we work on virtual machines & virtual storages.


  • Virtual Machines are created on Physical Servers. The Disk of the Virtual Machine can be attached from
    • Same Physical Server => Instance Store
    • Different Physical Server in the Same AZ => EBS
  • In AWS, for VM (EC2) the operating system disk (os disk/root disk) will always be EBS
  • User will get options of Instance Store only for additional disks (Only for some instance types)

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