Azure Classroom Series – 19/Nov/2019

Storage needs of Enterprise

  • Network Storage

    • SAN
    • NAS
    • Can be attached to multiple servers at any given time Preview
  • Local Storage

    • Disks local to Server
    • Can be attached to only one server at any given time Preview
  • Object Storage:

    • Example is Google Drive/One Drive
    • Storage is exposed over http/ftp

Other Criteria

  1. Disk Type:
    • Magnetic
    • HDD
    • SSD
  2. Backup Criteria:
    • How about backup frequency (daily, hourly, weekly)
  3. Archive Criteria:
    • Do I need to archive
  4. Performance:
    • How to improve Performance of Disks/Storage.
  5. Databases:
    • Databases rely a lot on Disks

Azure Storage Services

  • Azure Offers two Services for Storage
    1. Storage Account
    2. Managed Disk
  • Apart from the above mentioned two Services, Azure also offers marketplace images for NetApp, Emc2 etc.

Azure Storage Account

  • One service for all the storage needs offered by Azure.
  • Azure Storage Account offers
    • Disk Storage
    • Network Storage
    • Table Storage
    • Data lake
    • Queue Storage

Azure Managed Disk

  • For Disk storages to achieve some improvements, Managed Disks were supported.

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