AWS Classroomnotes 01/Apr/2023


  • Create an ubuntu ami and install nginx in it.

    • command: sudo apt update && sudo apt install nginx -y
    • output: http://<publicip>
    • This requires:
      • Creating a security group with 80 port opened
  • Refer Here for approximate answer
  • For creating stack from cli the follwing command was used
aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name 'activity3' --template-body 'file://activity3.json' --parameters "ParameterKey=ami,ParameterValue=ami-0fcf52bcf5db7b003" "ParameterKey=keypair,ParameterValue=my_id_rsa" "ParameterKey=sg,ParameterValue=sg-05adaf452b268c335" "ParameterKey=subnetid,ParameterValue=subnet-09be7bc355f4c0475"

Activity 4

  • Create an ecs cluster
  • Create a task defintion
    • image => nginx
    • name => nginx
  • Create a service with task defintion

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