Azure Classroom Series – 20/Oct/2020

Azure logic apps

  • This service helps in scheduling, automating & orchestration of business workflows.
  • Lets create a hello-world logic app Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • We can configure series of actions depending on the workflow Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets try the scenario of when jira ticket is raised, make a call to azure function after approval email is sent Preview
  • Azure logic apps can help in creating integration kind of scenarios
  • Exercise: Try to create a logic app which when recieves a http request makes a call to azure function
    • Create a azure function
    • Create azure logic app with two steps
      • request
      • azure function

Azure Event Based Services

  • Event based architecutes support in azure is given with the following services
    • Event Grid
    • Event Hub
    • Notification Hub
    • Service Bus
    • Azure Relay
  • Understand Event based architectures
    • This is a software architecture used in distributed computing which has detection, consumption & reaction to the events produced.
  • Sample Event based scenario Preview

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