DevOps Classroom Series – 28/Oct/2020

Evolution of Applications

  • Monolith
  • SOAP
  • Microservices


  • In this series we will be using insurance application as reference
  • Refer Here for setting windows machine with software
  • Refer Here for aws instance creation
  • Refer Here for azure vm creation
  • Refer Here to install and configure windows terminal.


  • Complete application is packaged as a unit and deployed on to the server
  • The whole insurance application on server which will have one more server to store the data. Preview
  • There is an income tax submission season, where there will be lot of sales
    • Agents will create lot of quotes
    • Consumer logins might need to be created
  • Insurance web portal is running on 3 servers which can handle approx 15000 parallel requests, in this tax season, users will be around 25k. So we need to have atleast 5 servers for web portal
  • Docker containers can be used to run monolith applications


  • Application is broken down into multiple individually executable services. With each service offering some functionality Preview
  • Microservices can be scaled individually
  • Docker containers are best fit for microservices.
  • Applications will be of two types
    • Stateless applications:
      • Donot store state locally, they store the state on external systems
      • Docker container is best fit for stateless applications
    • Stateful application
      • Stores all or some state locally
      • We can run them on docker, extra processing is required.

Docker Playground

  • Is a virtual environment with virtual machines hosted with Docker pre-installed.
  • We can use Docker Playground to experiment with docker.
  • To use docker playground, we need docker login Refer Here to create a login

Docker Installation

  • Linux Installation:
    • Create a centos 7 linux system on AWS: Navigate to Here
    curl -fsSL -o
    sudo service docker start
    sudo usermod -aG docker centos
    # logout & login
    docker --version
    docker info
    • Create an ubuntu instance (Azure):
    sudo apt update
    curl -fsSL -o

Lets explore images available

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