Windows Classroom Series – 06/Oct/2020

Files, Folders and the Registry

  • Items: Support for *-Items cmdlet varies from Provider to Provider
    • Test for Existing Items: Test-Path
    • To Check for existense of folder or file
    $folderPath = 'c:\windows\system32'
    Test-Path $folderPath 
    # To check if it is folder and whether it exists or not
    Test-Path $folder -PathType 'Container'
    # To check if it is file and whether it exists or not
    $filePath = 'c:\test1.txt'
    Test-Path $filePath -PathType 'Leaf'
    • Create and deleting Items. The New-Item can create files, directory, registry keys, certificates and also environmental variable and to delete the items we have Remove-Item
    • Item-Properties: To deal with item properties we have two cmdlets
      • Get-ItemProperty
      • Set-ItemProperty
    • A File has following possible attributes
      • Name
      • Compressed
      • Archive
      • System
      • Hidden
      • Read-Only
    • Permissions: To deal with permissions we have two cmdlets Get-Acl & Set-Acl
  • Sample Script to Create Files and Folders

Next Steps:

  • Remoting and Remote Management

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