AWS Classroom Series – 06/Oct/2020

Cloud Delivery Models

  • Our goal is to install apache server and a html page for the website
  • IAAS vs PAAS vs SAAS Preview
  • On-Premise:
    • Setup the Network
    • Procure the Server
    • On the Server install Operating System (Ubuntu 18)
    • Install apache Server using the following commands
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install apache2
    • Ownership:
      • We own & Manage everything
  • IAAS:
    • Lets create an virtual machine in AWS (EC2 instance)
      • Create Account Refer Here
      • Create EC2 instance Refer Here
      • Steps:
        • Create an ec2 instance
        • Login into the ec2 instance and execute the commands
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install apache2
    • Ownership:
      • We own & mange from Operating System
      • OS Updates, webserver updates, deploying new packages will be our responsibility
      • Physical server/Physical Network failure will be managed by AWS
  • PAAS:
    • Navigate to Elastic Beanstalk and create a new application and select the environment Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Ownership:
      • Physical Networking, Storage, Server, Operating Systems & its update. Platform and its updates(PHP) will be managed by AWS
      • We manage only application & the data generated by Application
  • SAAS:
    • We purchase the application and we directly use it by some url (Jira Cloud, Google Drive)

Plan for next Couple of Weeks

  • We will get ourselves in developers shoes and see the world of aws like developers
  • Note For admins
    • You need not practice anything for next two weeks
    • Just listen & try to understand what developers do
    • In the mean time get your selves upto mark on
  • Note for Developers:
    • Ensure you are familiar with one programming language
    • Ensure you understand web development
    • In this class we will not develop applications rather understand what aws offers in the world of
      • Web Applications
      • Micro Services
      • Serverless
      • Key Managements

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