AWS Systems Manager – Introduction and Quick Setup

AWS Systems Manager

What is AWS Systems Manager

  • Amazon defines as "AWS Systems Manager is a collection of capabilities for configuring and managing your Amazon EC2 instances, on-premises servers and virtual machines, and other AWS resources at scale"
  • It provides the set of fully managed AWS Services & Capabilities
  • It enables automated configuration & ongoing management of systems


  • Hybrid: Same set of tools for on-premise & Cloud
  • Cross Platform: Works on Windows & Linux
  • No extra cost.
  • Scalable
  • AWS Optimized


  • Operations Management
    • CloudWatch Dashboards
    • OpsCenter
    • Resource Groups
    • Trusted Advisor & Personal Health Dashboard
  • Actions & Change
    • Automation
    • Maintenance Windows
  • Instances & Nodes
    • Configuration Compliance
    • Inventory Management
    • Managed Instances
    • Activations
    • Session Manager
    • Run Command
    • State Management
    • Patch Management
    • Distributor
  • Shared Resources
    • System Manager Documents
    • Parameter Store

How Systems Manager Works


Systems Manager Setup

  • As the first step lets set the following IAM user/roles

    • Create an IAM Role for EC2 Machines with predefined policy AmazonEc2RoleforSSM
    • Create a IAM user or to the existing user add the permission to the predefined policy AmazonSSMFullAccess
  • Ensure you have some ec2 machines running or create them. In this sample while creating the ec2 machines i have created the machines with following tags

    • EC2 Machine 1:
      • Env: Prod
      • OS: Linux
      • Distribution: Ubuntu
    • EC2 Machine 2:
      • Env: Dev
      • OS: Linux
      • Distribution: Redhat
    • EC2 Machine 3:
      • Env: Prod
      • OS: Windows
      • Distribution: Windows Server 2016
  • Open AWS Systems Manager and Select Quick setup and select the defaults

  • Ensure you select all the instances.

  • Systems Manager should be setup

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