AWS Backup and Recovery Classroom Series – 17/Sep/2019

How AWS Backup Service Works

  1. In AWS All the five services EBS, EFS, RDS, Dynamodb, Storage Gateway have their own mechanism for taking backups populary known as snapshots
  2. AWS Backup service internally creates the same.
  3. Eventhough the approach looks same, Backup Service has Backup policy which makes it usable.

What is Backup Policy

  1. What has to backed up is already decided by AWS Backup Service
  2. Backup policy allows you to choose
    • When to take backup
    • How many days you want to hold backups (retention)
    • Lifecycle of Backup can be created

Who takes the Backup in the case AWS Backup Services

  • AWS Backup Service takes the backup
  • So you need to give permissions.
  • Permissions to AWS Service is called as IAM Role

Where are these Backup stored?

  • Backups are store in Vault

What can be done with Backups

  • Restore


  1. Create an IAM role for AWS Backup Service with necessary permissions
  2. Create a vault
  3. Create a backup plan
    • Select Timings
    • Select resources which you want to be backed up
  4. Wait for Restore Points to be created.
  5. In the cases of failure restore from restore points.

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