DevOps Classroom Series – 26/Sept/2020

Jenkins Exploration

  • Lets create a jenkins job which clones a git repository and lets execute pwd Preview Preview Preview
  • Build the project Preview
  • Now lets login into the jenkins master as jenkins user and see what happened
ls ~/jobs
ls ~/workspace
ls ~/workspace/scmunderstanding
  • Jenkins Plugins are used to make jenkins extensible. The plugins enhance jenkins functionality by providing UI elements & declarative elements for easier usage.
git clone <url>


  • In the above screenshot we are seeing the git plugin showing us git options. This plugin was installed as part of jenkins installation.
  • Jenkins plugins are stored in JENKINS_HOME/plugins. Jenkins plugins have the extension of
    • hpi (hudson plugin interface)
    • jpi (jennkins plugin interface)
  • Installing Plugins: Preview
  • Lets install a plugin called as greenballs Preview Preview
  • Lets create sudo previleges for jenkins user and make it passwd less.
  • Lets create a jenkins freestyle project to build a java project (spring pet clinic)
    • To build this project we need (git, java, maven)
    • Lets install maven Preview
  • After installation to configure jenkins job to build maven and check the results Preview
  • Day builds & Night Builds Preview
  • How to configure the Day or Night Builds in Jenkins
    • Use Build Triggers Preview
  • Build Trigger Options
    • Poll SCM: Jenkins will poll SCM if there are any new changes, when there are new changes build will trigger automatically Preview Preview
    • Build Periodically: This will trigger jenkins build on schedule. for creating schedules using crontab expression Refer Here Preview
  • While we build the project we execute unit tests, So test results should be shown to the user Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • After we have succesful test results we might need jenkins to show the user the artifact (package) that is built on the ui. Jenkins calls this archiving the artifacts. This is a post build action. Preview Preview

Jenkins Adminsitrative Activites

  • Backups & Restore Jenkins
  • Using Jenkins from the CLI
  • Monitoring Jenkins Jobs
  • Monitoring Jenkins Systems
  • Configuring email notifications

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