AWS Classroom Series – 27/Sept/2020

Cloudformation contd..

  • How to understand the impact of change in cloud formation
    • Navigate to any cloudformation template resource properties and we observe a section Update requires.
    • If Update requires has a value of No Interruption, then changing this value will not impact, but if the value is Replacement then the current resource will be deleted and recreated with new values. Preview
  • Now lets deploy the template with public ip address for web and app subnets
  • So lets add the output of the webserver as url, So for this we need to work with
  • These above mentioned changes are included in the following commit of git Refer Here
  • The User data fix is over here

Manual Steps for creating the architecture which John wants

  1. Create a VPC with Six Subnets
  2. Create a autoscaling group for app servers (tomcat)

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