DevOps Classroom Series – 28/Sept/2020

Now Lets help Don to Setup HMS (Hospital Management System)

  • HMS
    • Hosted on RedHat Enterprise Linux
    • Has Java, Python & Node Js as this project is result of multiple
  • Jenkins HMS QA Node
    • Centos 7 (AWS)
    • Software Set:
      • Git
      • JAVA 11
      • MAVEN 3.6.3
      • python 3
      • node js
    • Labels:
      • HRMS
      • QA
    • Executors: 2
    • Project: Spring pet clinic
  • Create a centos 7 instance
  • Create a jenkins user
  • Install git,wget, java,maven and python3
  • Configure jenkins user to be logged in with username & password
  • Try logging from jenkins master to agent for known host file
  • Now add the node in jenkins master with LABELS HMS and QA Preview
  • Now view the executors available Preview
  • Lets create a jenkins job to run on HMS QA node(agent) Preview
  • Now lets build the job & view the executors Preview Preview
  • Jenkins has a build Queue which acts as a queue for executor Preview

Next Steps

  • Don needs to pass parameters to the build job
  • Don needs to get away from free style projects and needs to implement pipeline as a code
  • Prereqs
    • Understand variables, conditional statements and looping constructs

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