Azure Classroom Series – 08/Apr/2020

Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

  • ARM provides the management layer this enables to create update and delete resources in Azure subscription. Preview
  • Users can create resources in Azure using
    • Azure Portal
    • Azure CLI
    • Azure Powershell
    • Azure SDK
    • Rest Clients
  • All of the above mentioned ways interact with Azure Resource Manager to manage resources.
  • Every Resource in Azure Has to be present in a Resource Group

Create a Linux VM in Azure

  • Refer Here
  • Softwares to be installed:
    • Windows 10:
      • If you are on latest update no additional software
    • Other Windows :
    • Linux or MAC: NO software is required as you already have terminal.
  • VM of Size B1S is free (1 GB RAM and 1 vCPU)
  • Key Terms to be understood Preview
    • Image: Operating System to be selected (As of now)
    • Size: Size in Azure describes the following
      • RAM size
      • CPU Information
      • Important Storage Information
      • Cost of the VM
  • Credentials in Linux
    • Username & Password
    • Username & Key Preview
  • Ports to be opened for Communication

Creating a Windows VM in Azure

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