AWS Classroom Series – 08/Apr/2020

EC2 Concepts

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

  • In AWS EC2 instances can be created with preconfigured templates which contain OS and other softwares, These Preconfigured templates are called as AMIs
  • Each AMI will have an ID, Same AMI if copied to Different Region will have a new ID Preview Preview
  • Every AMI will have an Operating System
  • AMI Types (With Permission):
    • Public: These AMI’s can be used by all AWS accounts
    • Explicit: These AMI’s can be launched only by few accounts to whom permission is granted
    • Implicit: These AMI’s can be launched by the owner
  • AMI Types
    • Amazon Provided
    • Marketplace:
      • Allows third parties to sell there Os or applications
      • They might impose extra costs Preview
    • Custom:
      • Created by individual users
  • Storage for the Root Device:
    • Size Limit

Instance Type basics

  • Instance Type describes the following
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • Network Performance
    • Instance Store Preview
  • t2.micro is a free for 750 hours/month (in a free tier plan)
  • Tracking free tier usage Click here

Key Pair

  • Key pairs are used to login into ec2 instances
  • Amazon uses RSA algorithm
  • Amazon can allow importing the keys Preview

Login into Linux Machine

  • Older versions of Windows : Install Git Bash from here
  • Linux/Mac: Already have a Terminal
  • Windows 10 Latest Update: Use Powershell.

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